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31-Mar-2020 20:14

No more problems due to spelling and formatting errors, thanks to the interactive backup of our software with its real-time functions when the operator directly inputs the data (including automatically adding any missing postcodes).A complex set of rules has been developed for analysis and postal address validation, based on multiple factors, such as blank spaces between the input words, order and other elements, which are related to our thesaurus tables to achieve a perfect output.In an increasingly cluttered marketplace, we enable customers to leverage the established objectivity and strength of the UL brand—one of the world’s most trusted names in safety science—for greater peace of mind in the decision-making process by purchasers.

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The kit includes information about our software testing procedures and an automated script of representative analyses with instructions for use.

The postal address validation process involves analysing and correcting any inaccuracies or inconsistencies in an address or group of addresses (for example a customer/supplier database).