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05-Apr-2020 12:00

These pests have got to go, and you can be the one to do it!With tweezers, some disinfectant, and a bit of bravery, you can remove the ticks from your dog in no time.

Learn more about Dramamine, as well as a few alternatives, for your pet dog’s sake.EIC was first identified in the 1990s, but since then, it’s been seen increasingly in Labrador Retrievers.Because littermates and other related dogs were found to be similarly affected, veterinarians came to understand the hereditary nature of the condition.Though a large majority of these cases recover completely within a short timeframe (less than 30 minutes), some dogs have been known to die of the condition.

Dogs with EIC will display a wobbly gait after a few minutes of hard exercise.EIC is both a general term for what happens when animals collapse during or after extreme exercise and a disease seen in very fit Labrador Retrievers.For the purposes of this article, it’s the latter condition we’ll tackle.If the exercise continues, they will usually collapse.