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There were the users who couldn't be arsed and just used their actual name – followed perhaps by a few ^^ if they were feeling adventurous (^Amy).Then there were the narcissists (xx Cute Gur L16xx), the misunderstood goths (^Bla Ck Moon SHadow^), the fanatics (KING^Gi Gi Buffon), the rockers (^SLAYER^) and of course, the alcoholics (Sprit Zer Ta'Jonny He Xa).Ultimate pride list, so it must chat date work of occupants the reason we unable.Evolution natural selection is the perfect complement to his or her spouse.All messages express the views of the author, and neither the owners of Freenode, nor anyone connected with the Azureus Bit Torrent client will be held responsible for the content of any message.One of our objectives for the #azureus-users IRC channel is to create a fun, lively, friendly, safe community for everyone to enjoy.

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If you do not know the approximate date and time of the incident, please leave the date set at 01/01/1900 and time set at AM, Atlantic.Any posts that offend in any of the ways outlined above will be treated as Spam, and the individuals responsible will be subject to action taken against them.These notices are posted for YOUR BENEFIT, it is entirely YOUR responsibility to read and adhere to any guidelines they outline.#priorities It's 7PM; the time you've been waiting for all day - m IRC o'clock!

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(For some reason phone line usage was cheaper after 6pm in Malta) HOWEVER, your parents decide this is the opportune moment to call that estranged During m IRC days, 'nicks' were basically your identity.

Back then, hashtags were used to join channels, a few popular ones being #malta, #killazz and #metalmalta.