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25-Jun-2020 12:15

At Forrester, Steffy arrived to meet Thomas after receiving a text message from him. Sally said that, whether or not Steffy believed it, Sally had learned a hard lesson, and Steffy didn't have to worry about Sally cheating the Foresters again.

The next Lock and Key party takes place Sunday, May 26 from to 3pm at the Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club and also launches Darsonvals Meet the Matchmaker series that will be held monthly, when the expert will be on hand to answer questions about dating in Santa Barbara and to connect singles during polo matches.

As the night unfolded, I began to realize this concept is quite genius!

After watching the crowd (who were all so friendly), they were so much more receptive to one another than the usual club gathering.

Happily, the pair of young stoners who spot the Highangle in action and inform them of that fact are just as tickled and impressed as we are by the guys’ ambitious lack of ambition and not only provide an enormous baggie of weed, but ask if they can bring over their cool young friends to party at the guys’ much-abused bachelor pad rental.

Even more happily, the resulting cellphone videos of them exhorting the joys and virtues of the “tight butthole” life bring the guys to the attention of one Kurt Fossil, an energy drink rep played, in fitting casting, by original Daily Show host Craig Kilborn.

Essentially a fitfully successful paean to the slothful joys of not growing up, ever, the show has always rested easily on the shoulders of real-life pals Anders Holm, Adam De Vine, and Blake Anderson, who, tonight, wave one last drunken rooftop goodbye to the series and the fans that have forced enough mid-level success on them that they have no choice but to break out of the comfortable cocoon that their fictional counterparts clearly never will.