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Neel Mukherjee’s masterful second novel begins in 1966 with a harrowing account of impoverished wage labourer Nitai Das, unable to feed his starving wife and children, killing them in a horrific burst of violence before committing suicide.

This intimate atrocity, born of deprivation and acute despair, is juxtaposed with the comparatively petty concerns of the bourgeois Ghosh family, making a profound point about struggles for equality in the world’s largest democracy during the long aftermath of empire.

Perhaps her quartet should be seen as one of the first great works of post-authorial literature.” — Judith Shulevitz, The Atlantic is a beautiful inversion of these rudimentary, astronomical demonstrations, where bodies stand not as replacements for planets or asteroids or gravitational pulls, but where stars and black holes and galaxies stand, instead, for bodies.” —“Michel captures the strangeness of the suburban South, and the rural wilderness surrounding it, through its chorus of blunt voices. It is art about science, climate change, and activism, and it vitally explores how we as people deal with a world that is transforming in terrifying ways.” —In this artfully crafted collection of new short stories by award-winning author Myriam Gurba, nothing is as it seems on the surface.

His stories are absurd enough to reel you in, and emotionally honest enough to keep you reading.”—Huffington Post“One of the most unforgettable images in any book this year is that of Gustavo ‘Highway’ Sánchez Sánchez, the protagonist of Luiselli’s delightfully unclassifiable novel, walking around the streets of Mexico City, smiling at people with the teeth of Marilyn Monroe installed in his mouth . Unforgettable characters inhabit these cross-border tales filled with introspection and longing, as modern sensibilities weave and wind through traditional folktales creating a new kind of magical realism that offers insights into where we come from and where we may be going.

Bate's tale of Hughes's rise from humble origins to Poet Laureate is epic in both scale and voice.

And he doesn't shrink from revisiting the circumstances of Plath's suicide and showing by what alchemy Hughes transmuted his feelings of grief and guilt into some of the greatest poetry of the 20th century (the verses in Birthday Letters, he reveals, were written over a 25 year period).

The Aberdeen Provident Fund accesses that expertise with one thing in mind – to provide investors a secure financial future.

Elizabeth Gaskell's Life of Charlotte Brontë was a landmark in modern biography, drawing on letters, interviews and gossip to create a vivid portrait of the author which attracted much controversy when it was published in 1857.

Headed by ageing parents Prafullanath and Charubala, who are facing the decline of their paper- manufacturing interests, the Ghosh siblings, sisters-in-law, and youngest generation of cousins struggle with a variety of material desires: for a greater share of the family assets, beautiful clothes and imported pencil boxes, Western music and cosmetics.It is Purba, however, widow of the beloved youngest son, who inspires the greatest sympathy.Occupying the lowest rung of the family hierarchy, Purba and her two children, Kalyani and the mathematical genius Sona, are relegated to a storage room on the ground floor of the house, subsisting on a diet of dal and rice, and whatever leftovers infrequently arrive from the upper floors.The Gothic atmosphere and heartbreaking details remain, but Harman achieves a great feat by making the story seem new again.

She is particularly good on Charlotte's unrequited love for Monsieur Héger (an area much censored by Gaskell), and I defy anybody to read the death-bed scenes of Emily and Anne with a dry eye.Men who watch pornography may be shrinking their brains, one study found.The striatum area of the brain, linked with the motivation and reward response, was smaller the more porn a person had viewed (file photo)A year later, another study by the same University found sex addicts who watched porn from an early age had three regions of the brain that were more active than their counterparts who were not addicted to sex.Chhaya, the cross-eyed and unmarried only daughter of the family, is consumed with envy towards her younger “low-caste” sister-in-law Purnima.