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The most famous of these are the five-part series, 'The Course of Empire', now in the collection of the New York Historical Society and the four-part 'The Voyage of Life'.

There are two versions of the latter, one at the National Gallery in Washington, D.

He is regarded as the founder of the Hudson River School, an American art movement that flourished in the mid-19th century.

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'Arry speaks with a North London accent while Bert speaks with a West London accent.

29 ft 3 in long, and two of which are part of the National Railway Museum, known by their numbers "08911" & "13079".

'Arry and Bert are painted green-grey with yellow hazard stripes on their fronts and rears and yellow cabs.

Currently, millions of people wake up to catch Bobbie on NBC’s “Today Show,” where she serves as Style Editor. From FOX and CNN to VH-1 and MTV, the ladies of ABC's the View and the boys of the Best Damn Sports Show Period, Bobbie’s shared her tips, tricks and Hollywood secrets with a wide audience.

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She has taken viewers inside celebrity lifestyles as the Style Correspondent for “On-Air with Ryan Seacrest”, and has tried everything from sky diving to speed dating as a correspondent for both E! Bobbie’s national column “The Buzz,” featured in In Touch magazine highlights Hollywood's hottest fashion and beauty must-haves, and offers her loyal following a weekly fix of Tinsletown's trends.'Arry and Bert are simply downright villainous troublemakers.They have been known to attempt to scrap Stepney, make Percy and James "middle engines", and make the engines believe Neville was planning to bump them.For the past six years, Bobbie has appeared as both a co-host and guest on a variety of E!