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05-May-2020 19:43

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At time of this writing, Grandstream GXP-2000's are around 5, and Polycom 501's are around 0.The Polycom 501's do have more and easier-to-get-to functionality than the GXP-2000's, and have a more professional look and feel (and a great speakerphone), but the most notable downsides of the 501 are its awful, obtuse and slow configuration interfaces.This is the same functionality which Lync Phone Edition devices have always used for firmware updates and now eliminates the need for a separate provisioning server in most Lync environments leveraging VVX Phones.Although the 5.0.0 release added the ability to leverage the Device Update service it was not yet possible to actually leverage the feature until a new update was published.I went to check something in the settings and don't even recall making changes, though, when I rebooted it, it now does what's listed above. I'll try to get TFTP setup and see if I can't make this work.I had a similar problem with my polycom 550 and the only way I got it to work was to put all the polycom firmware files in the pbxnsip tftp directory and it finally took. If i ever find something that works, i'll be sure to post back in case anyone else has this problem. Quick reply; at the end of my lunch and not much time let to explain.

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If you have any questions, please contact your Polycom Global Support representative.I also put the mac address in the my extension so it would do plug and play on the extension. I downloaded the IP/SIP 2.2.2 software and the Boot ROM 4.0 fromhere and placed them in a folder on my c:\ drive (vista) called "provision".Next, i downloaded the Filezilla server from get direct link atm, sorry!For LPE devices the update service is queried immediately after the initial registration and then again after a hard-coded period of time.

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If a new update is available LPE devices will wait for a certain period of inactivity on the phone and then automatically download, waiting again for more idle time before rebooting itself to complete the process.

The phone will display "Updating Initial configuration" for quite some time and then display the error "Error loading 0004f215db82.cfg" and restart then do it all over again. Though, I did try that and it still didn't work.