Greys anatomy quotes dating

11-Jul-2020 13:24

Meredith sleeps with Derek before she realizes that he is her boss.

In the beginning of season 1 she thwarts his advances but finally gives in.

fashion, there a medical emergency resulting in an unexpected surgery, as well as conflicting doctors arguing about which course of action is best.

While this is all pretty standard procedure for an episode of came from a new character- Major Thorpe.

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Again Meredith and Derek do end up back together, but then break up when Meredith can't commit.Thorpe was first introduced to our group of surgeons by mouthing off and telling the crew to step away from his patient.As time went on, he continued to be a bit difficult to work with, while also seemingly becoming smitten with Meredith.The end of the episode saw Meredith taking a leap and giving Thorpe her number, while the rest of the group watched with silly smiles. We haven’t seen her remotely interested in anyone but Mc Dreamy since season 3.