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The p35 protein was found to interact only with the poly(U) tract of the 3′ UTR.These conclusions are supported by the following findings: (1) p58, and not p35, binds to the 3′ end conserved 98 nt, (2) both p58 and p35 bind to a 3′ UTR RNA with a deletion of the conserved 98 nt, (3) the 98-nt deletion mutant 3′ UTR competed out both p58 and p35 binding, (4) a poly(U) homopolymer competed out both p58 and p35 binding, (5) a 3′ UTR RNA with deletion of the poly(U) tract competed out only p58 binding but not p35 binding, and (6) an RNA containing the variable region of the 3′ UTR with a deletion of both poly(U) tract and 98 nt failed to compete for binding of either p58 or p35.Today's generation has long been breaking stereotypes, the matter is that we do not control it, life itself has its own arrangements for us. Then what makes them search the world for each other, establish the relationships, try to find a common language between both? We as an agency, want to help you by giving more insight in how foreign men are like and to make the gap between different cultures smaller. Read more Men from all over the world search for such life partners as Ukrainian women.

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Sign up You are looking for your life partner and you are willing to look abroad?The well-characterized host cell pyrimidine binding proteins PTB and PCBP bound the 3′-untranslated region via an interaction with this variable sequence.Viruses lacking the p(Y) tract were viable both in cell culture and upon mouse infection, demonstrating that this interaction was not essential for virus replication.So whether you're looking for a date or just want a few friends to chat to, this is the site for you!